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A few words about Gi

Our experienced team of 4D BIM designers, architects and 3D modelers can assist you with anything you want from basic 2D Design, all the way to a fully rendered animation DVD of your project. Whatever it is that you want done, you can be assured that we will get it done right, and at a fraction of the price as our competitors. This is because GHOST Industries doesn't have the overhead that many over-bloated companies do, and won't make you pay for it.

What is BIM, and Why should I use it? BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling". This type of Coordination-Engineering not only involves a 3D model of all trades of your construction project to detect collisions and other design-related issues, but also the "Information" aspect. Each model is embedded with information about it's details. I.e. What material is this made of, when do we expect it to be delivered, what is the guage, how much does this cost, what size beam is this..and so forth. This makes this construction document a living, breathing model that you can export to scheduling formats, progress graphs, interactive charts that show your project's timeline, and in what areas you are falling behind. read more

Latest news and events

  • 02.09 G.I. Works with MHSI to provide 3D modeling for General Motors Hamtramck assembly plant.
  • 05.09 G.I. Works with FirmGreen, Inc. to integrate Real-Time 3D liquid Fluid-Flow for an energy conversion facility.
  • 08.09 Clients may now download Autodesk Design Review 2010 by clicking here
  • 11.09 G.I. Works with Gallagher Kaiser Corp to integrate intelligent Parametrics-based applications for their 3D, fast-paced engineering department.
  • 12.09 G.I. is now a certified Autodesk™ Beta-Testing company.
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